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Helping You To Finally Feel Better In Your Body

Do these stories are familiar: 


  • You want to feel good in your body, but you can’t seem to figure out what is getting in your way.  

  • You may have days where you feel like you're not fully aware of what your need and want to be more attuned to your body's cues.

  • You don’t really know if you can trust your body's needs and you often make decisions about what your eat or how you exercise based on what you think you "should" be doing.

  • When someone gives you a compliment, you kind of want to believe it,  but it still makes you uncomfortable.

  • You are feeling like somethings got to change, but just aren't sure what you need to do to feel better.  

  • You feel like you have tried so many things and you still feel stuck…..


I totally understand how hard this is.


I used to struggles with these stories.  I would criticize my body, compare myself to others, and feel really disconnected from my needs and wants. I know how bad it feels to not feel good in your body and feel stuck with never really knowing what my body needed to feel good. It SUCKS! And, I know that you are over getting down on yourself so much. 

I understand because I was here.


And, I know it's absolutely possible to have a better relationship with yourself and your body.


I know, because I have that and have done the work to finally feel comfortable and at peace with my body. It's taking me lots of therapy, introspection, countless hours of practice, and learning, and tears, and growing pains.  It was a lot of work and I'm happy to be here now and I feel really great in my body now! I don't worry constantly about how I look, I know how to listen to my body's needs and wants, and feel capable of honoring my body's desires. I mindfully eat and can know when I'm hungry and full. I am SO grateful to feel this way and I want you to feel so connected and appreciative of your body, too!!!

On top of years of my own "embodiment work", I also have 15 + years of experience as a psychotherapist, coach, and herbalist who has specialized on working with the body,  I'm here because I want to help you finally feel better in your body, feel more connected to you body, and have a better relationship with your body- and therefore yourself. You are your body, after all! 


The great thing is that I have done years of this work and learned so many tools and tricks for being positively embodied that you don't have to stumble around not knowing how to move forward.


 I have knowledge, training, insight, experience, and tools that I can share with you can fast track your way to becoming more embodied and connected to yourself.  I want you to feel comfortable, in- tune, and at peace with your body. I'd be so honored to help you reach this place. 


What happens in Embodiment Coaching?

In our work together, I utilize practices to support your connection to your body and awareness about what you need to be in a better relationship with yourself.  It begins with an holistic integrative mental health intake to explore daily habits and practices that might be holding you back. We explore what things you might need to shift and work with you to live and nourish yourself in a way that elevates your energy, body, and overall well being.  


After setting this foundation, we transition to working on exploring and challenging critical or limiting thoughts. I will meet you where you are and come up with a plan to support your embodiment process. I might utilize brainspotting, parts work, mindful awareness practice, somatic/body centered therapeutic processes, as well as other things to help you and uncover wounds and old-stories that are keeping you stuck, disconnected, and disembodied. 

I will use mindfulness tools to help you get attuned to your body's way of "speaking" to you and teaching you how to listen to your body's needs, wants, and boundaries.

Our work will close with focusing on integration of the processes you went through as well as exploring your next steps for beyond our work together.  When we clear out the old, we make space for the new.  I'll help you explore what your future plans are and support you in integrating them into your new, empowered, authentic life!


Life is short and precious. You don't need to let your old stories and autopilot habits run your life any longer.  You can live with confidence and joy! You can have a peaceful relationship with your body!  There's no better time than now to begin your path to living your favorite and best life!

What this program is NOT:

-A Diet Program

-A Weight-Loss Program

-A program that promises to "Fix" your body.

-A program that labels things or body as "good or bad"

-An Alternative therapy for Eating Disorders and Body Dysmorphia. (Message if you need help find a good therapist to help you with these though! I'm happy to help.)

What this program is: 

-A compassionate and kind place to talk about difficult body issues and food struggles

-An opportunity to gain awareness about patterns and habits

-A place to learn tools to navigate body image struggles.

-An empowering piece of the puzzle on your path to body satisfaction

Are You Ready To Begin???

There are 2  packages for working together: 

(Each package includes personalized integrative support plan, a journal with prompts, Inspirational gifts, and more!) 


6- Week Embodiment Package

(Six- 60 minutes 1-on-1 Embodiment Coaching sessions)

(Great for folks already seeing a therapist and wanting to supplement their work!)


10- Week- "Be Confidently You" Package

(Ten- 60 minutes 1-on-1 Empowerment sessions)

(Great for folks who are wanting more, in-depth support and don't currently have a therapist or coach!)


*Add on a custom Integrative Health and Herbal Formulation +2 months of products for only $899

*Additional Follow up single sessions are available to continue your amazing work!

I'm Looking Forward To Meeting You And Watching You Flourish!!!

Please don't Hesitate to book a free 30-minute call if you have any questions about the packages.
Or, Anything else! 
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