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Private Practice Business Goals

This business has been the culmination of over 15 years of training, learning, dreaming, and creating.  Like most of life, it is ever evolving to the times and the needs of the enviroment. What doesn't change is the commitment to helping people feel better and live joyful, authentic, and fulfilling lives. 

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To empower clients towards cultivating their well-being.

Jacqueline is an Authentic and skilled mental health counselor with a combined 15 years of helping relationship experience, training, and education. She empowers clients by using multiple evidence based practices in her therapy which focus on nurturing client’s unique potential and highlighting their innate abilities.  She holds the client with unconditional positive regard which has been shown to support the client in fostering self-worth, personal growth, and self-awareness. She holds the belief that everyone is worthy and has the ability to heal and grow on this life journey.  These foundations in her practice is how she has successfully supported and guided client’s to healing in her work and practice. 

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To offer holistic approaches to support body, mind and spirit.

Jacqueline uses many holistic approaches to support clients’ unique individual needs for their body, mind, and spiritual growth. Jacqueline has  unique educational foundations in Transpersonal Psychology which utilizes Humanistic views,  Mindfulness-based therapies, somatic/body-focused techniques.  Transpersonal psychology is unique from other therapies like “talk therapy” and it focuses on multiple levels of the human experiences-Body, Mind, and Spiritual exploration and healing. This might sound intense or scary…but really it means that she asks you about things that make you feel connected to your body, what your thoughts patterns are about certain topics, what helps you feel connected and trusting when life gets overwhelming, and so much more. 


This is a big topic! If you want more information, Here’s what Psychology today write’s about what  transpersonal therapy.

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To offer holistic products to
support body, mind & spirit.

As a Clinical Herbalist, Jacqueline has studied and trained to learn about natural plant medicines that are safe and effective remedies for mental health struggles.   Jacqueline creates teas, tinctures (alcohol and glycerite based herbal extractions) and oil blends (with aromatherapy) to help clients mental health needs and support their bodies, minds, and spirits to heal. 

Here’s some more information and resources about clinical herbalism:

Love Yourself

To provide tools towards a joyful, authentic and fully contented life.

Life will be full and challenging for everyone at times. Unfortunately, There's no escaping having hard time sometimes. Being able to navigate the ups and downs of life with greater ease creates space for more joy and contentment. This is what Rose & The Moon Healing does. It offers tools to support client's as they are navigating the challenges. These tools aim to make everything just easier to navigate. Jacqueline does this by meeting each individual client's needs and provides herbal and therapeutic tools to help them be prepared to navigate the challenges of life. She does this by offering mindfulness and meditation tools for working with emotions and grounding clients in their daily lives. She also offers tools for helping clients overcome personal blocks and doubts in their daily lives, and teaches skills so the client can feel content in their lives and with their choices. She offers herbal tools such as essential oil and tinctures which can be used to help regulate and support emotional experiences clients may be experiencing. These tools aren't here to "fix" or to make client's not feel "bad" feelings. They are here so the client's can more easily navigate challenges and also feel grounded enough to show up and honor their authentic experience.

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