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A 10- week intensive to help you take courageous steps to step into your power!

  • 1 h
  • Via Telehealth

Service Description

This extended intensive, 10-week package is for those who are ready to do BIG WORK and make BIG CHANGES! Structured to focus on 2-3 areas of your life that you are ready to move past and overcome. This could be self-doubt and feelings of not good enough in relationship, it could be blocks around asking for a raise or promotion at work, it could be finally able to figure out what's getting in the way of you taking a leap you've always want to but was always scared to do. This package is focused on really digging in to big blocks and clearing out old stories and patterns so you a finally move into your innate power. We will talk about your goals and come up with an individualized plan to meet you where you are in your path, explore the roots of these challenges and blocks, and I'll work with you to develop the tools to finally move towards overcoming and living a more empowered life! This plan has 4 extra sessions which might include extra brainspotting session, or other individualized practice to support you and your specific needs. The package not only comes with 10 (75 minute) 1-on-1 sessions but includes a beautiful gift box filled with a guided-practice journal, inspirational gifts, motivational tools, and more! (Free shipping in the USA; Shipping charges applicable for international clients)

Contact Details


Boulder, CO, USA

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